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Data types

RisingWave supports the following data types:

booleanboolLogical Boolean. It follows a three-valued logic system (true, false, and null).
smallintTwo-byte integer
integerintFour-byte integer
bigintEight-byte integer
numericdecimalExact numeric. We do not support specifying precision and scale as of now.
realSingle precision floating-point number (4 bytes)
double precisiondoubleDouble precision floating-point number (8 bytes)
character varyingvarcharVariable-length character string. We do not support specifying the maximum length as of now.
dateCalendar date (year, month, day)
timeTime of day (no time zone)
timestamp without time zonetimestampDate and time (no time zone)
timestamp with time zoneTimestamp with time zone
intervalTime span

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